Medic-Safe – Protect the NHS

The Medic-Safe creates a safe environment for medics working with COVID19 infected patients by creating an inward flow of air away from the medics and patients then safely filtering and containing the virus to prevent it’s spread – this containment airflow barrier combined with the physical protection of the enclosure creates a safe and contained environment for the medics to carry out their excellent service in the fight to combat COVID19 and to “Protect the NHS”.

Features & Benefits

Other Features & Benefits of the Medic-Safe include:-

  • Creates a containment barrier between the patient and the medic by putting the PPE in a better place – the patient, not the medic.
  • Provides a safety factor of typically 100,000 compared to a non-isolated patient.
  • Gives the medics confidence that they are protected with a double layer of PPE.
  • Can be reused unlike consumable PPE.
  • Creates a safer working environment for the medics as Medic-Safe continually cleans the space surrounding the patient and complete ward/vehicle.
  • Battery powered to allow continuous patient containment and medic safety during patient transport including ambulance admissions.
  • Solves the problem rather than the symptom.


The Government has introduced an initiative to manufacture hospital ventilators in companies that normally make other products, due to increased demand caused by the COVID19 virus outbreak. Quantum Air Technology is a clean air and containment specialist company that manufactures leading edge technology products to both medical and defence market sectors. We have considered our response to this initiative and believe the best match between our technology and helping to overcome this pandemic, is in the area of containment. As designers/suppliers of high containment systems to NATO, MOD and Porton Down, we have technology that can solve a significant problem at the moment in the NHS.


Consider a medic or nurse being asked to tend to a patient positively tested to COVID19. The only protection available might be a mask and gloves. If the patient is receiving positive displacement help from a ventilator, the risk to the medic will be about twice that of a naturally respirating person. The medic is likely to catch the virus and therefore have to self isolate, or the medic might be asked to self isolate as optimum PPE is not available. Neither outcome is good for the patient. We can make this situation 10E5 or 100,000 times safer for the medic to continue patient welfare. In fact, we can make the medic environment as safe as a Path lab worker diagnosing COVID19 samples in a Class 1 microbiological safety cabinet i.e. very safe.


Our proposal describes a piece of equipment named the Medic-Safe ©, that will provide this solution to the NHS. The specifications of this device are qualified by calculation, referenced to containment BS/EN national standards, and a prototype has already been tested that validates the design. We now have a working pre-production unit that can be demonstrated and trialled in a hospital, ambulance or care home if required.

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