A Solution For The Problem

OK picture the scene. There are patients in A and E and on general wards that have tested positive for Covid 19 and have full symptoms. As a manager, you have to convince medics and nurses that it’s safe to tend to these patients. Some will feel they should self isolate at home because the PPE available is not optimum; and this maybe up to 4 weeks. Some will agree to work but will get the virus because they’ve been too close to the patients. Not a good outcome. Let’s suppose you could advise the staff that there is no chance of catching the virus from the patients. Let’s also suppose you could prove this to them? Game changer? Well yes, but we can make this happen. How come? Because we’re World leaders in biological containment and we’ve spent the last few days working round the clock coming up with a solution.

Here’s how it works. Our Medic-Safe product fits the patient to prevent any contamination from entering the ward. Everything exhaled from the patient is captured and then filtered before being safely delivered back to the ward as extremely clean air. We had the idea on Monday. Designed it Tuesday. Built and validated a working “Proof of Concept” today and should have a production unit early next week.

We may need a little help in getting several thousand into the working environment, but basically, a solution to a huge problem is here now and available to UK hospitals. Please give us a call on: 01706 835135 or 24/7: 07769 661621 or e-mail: info@medic-safe.co.uk. A full specification/description of the product with validation data is available and you can come visit us to see it working if that suits you.

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If you are interested in the Medic-Safe and require more information, please use our contact here.