Prevention Over Protection

There is a fundamental problem with the way we are treating patients with Covid19. This is why medics, nurses and doctors are becoming infected and on sad occasions, dying. We are allowing the patients to exhale Covid19 contaminated air to their surrounding environment. The beds, the ward and sometimes medical staff are all becoming contaminated.

Patients using positive displacement ventilation contaminate twice as much as those normally respirating; so we’re contaminating the air and then trying to protect medics with simple masks, gowns and gloves etc. A simple analogy would be that if you have a dam with a breach, you issue everyone downstream with boats rather than plug the breach to stop the water flow.

This is in effect what Medic-Safe does. The system uses an enclosure placed over the patient’s head with an inward flow of air to extract all exhaled contaminants to a fan/filter unit. The H14 HEPA filter in the ventilation unit cleans the air of all contaminants and returns completely clean air to the ward. The inward flow of air around the patient’s neck prevents anything leaving the enclosure at the front. This is negative PPE for the patient rather than positive PPE for the medics.

We had the idea about a week ago. We designed and built a proof of concept system from parts we already had and have validated it successfully. We are now building the first production model and hope to have it running this next week.

The Medic-Safe is supported with a complete specification which includes a design qualification and validation test results.

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